NEW Social Photo Sharing Game—Guess The Picture!

If you like sharing photos and playing games with your friends, we have a game for you! We are excited to announce the release of our first social game, Guess The Picture. Check out our demo video above! Guess The Picture is available now on the App Store!

Guess The Picture lets you turn your photos into personalized challenges for your friends to solve. To play, take any photo, and zoom it in so that only a small part of it is revealed. You can use the easy, medium, and hard levels of zooms. The harder the level, the more zoomed in it is, but the more coins it's worth. Then, name your photo, and send it to your friend to guess, and then they can send you back a photo challenge of their own. Any time you solve a challenge from one of your friends, you can save the photo to your photo library on your device, email it, or post it to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. You'll also win coins that you can spend on cheats to give you an advantage.

Guess The Picture is a fun new way to share photos with your friends, and surprise them with imaginative challenges. The possibilities for the challenges you can create and encounter are endless! Get Guess The Picture on the App Store Now!

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Guess The Picture is in Development

We're currently working hard on our first social game: Guess The Picture! Guess The Picture is a social app that lets you share puzzles with your friends made from photos that you took. You play by zooming the photo into a small section of it, and your friends are challenged to guess what it is! Send pictures of every day objects, people, places, or anything you can think of! Use your imagination to trick and surprise your friends!

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